The Rise of Calisthenics

You are new to Calisthenics and you don’t know how to start?capturad3fg4-amazon9r-copia3

You’re stuck at Pull-ups, Push-ups or Dips?

You want to achieve exercises like Planche or Front lever?

Here’s my Complete Calisthenic Workout! You’ll go from a complete beginner to a level you’ve never dreamt of!







1. I’m not sure how to work out captura34g2properly, will I learn it with this book?

Yes, all exercises are performed with strict form and I’ve included tons of images to understand how to do exercises with proper form.


2. Will I learn how to do Planche or Front lever?

Yes,there are 9 progresiones to get Front lever (half), 8 progressions to get Planche (flat tuck), 5 progressions for the Hollow Dragon Flag, progressions for L-sit, V-sit, 20 types of Pull-ups, 9 types of Dips, etc.




2. What about leg exercises?

My program includes 15 bodyweight leg exercises, including progressions for the Pistol Squat.


3. What equipment do I need?

A pull-up bar and parallel bars (or 2 chairs).asds1


Get all of this for only 14.99€!

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