7 Dips Mistakes and how to avoid them



Dips are one of the best exercises for building strong pecs, shoulders and triceps. There are several mistakes people make continually, due to lack of knowledge, because they want to do more repetitions or because they are not strong enough. Now let’s see some of the most common mistakes:

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Bodyweight Chest Workout


Here’s a workout routine to get bigger chest, using only bodyweight exercises!

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BEST push-up for Chest! – Analysed


Video here:  1305317738m

If we want to focus more on pects, we have to avoid the triceps from assisting; as it is impossible to take the deltoid out of the equation (pectoralis major and deltoid act on the same joint and their insertions are closer together,  so in the best case we can put it at a mechanical disadvantage).

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