Bodyweight Chest Workout


Here’s a workout routine to get bigger chest, using only bodyweight exercises!

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The Rise of Calisthenics

You are new to Calisthenics and you don’t know how to start?capturad3fg4-amazon9r-copia3

You’re stuck at Pull-ups, Push-ups or Dips?

You want to achieve exercises like Planche or Front lever?

Here’s my Complete Calisthenic Workout! You’ll go from a complete beginner to a level you’ve never dreamt of!


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Complete Ring Workout – Level 2

Capturah26 mini

Complete Ring Workout consisting of 34 exercises, with images and videos of each exercise, warm-up and 8 specific stretching exercises.

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Bodyweight Bicep Curl + Workout Routine


Here’s one the best exercise to isolate the biceps. If you combine it with compound movements like Chin-ups, it can be a great complementary exercise! Unlike inverted rows, this exercise focuses on elbow flexion, that’s why is so effective.

VIDEO here:

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