About me

I’ve started training calisthenics (exclusively) in 2013, but I’ve been doing Pull-ups since 2009. By 2010 I got to 18 clean reps, I made a video to show how I managed that.

Some of my best tutorials are the Press to Handstand tutorial, the Strict Ring Muscle-up tutorial, the V-sit tutorial and the Complete Leg workout routine with 41 exercises.

Now I mainly use rings for my workout, I’ve made a Complete Workout Routine with 25 exercises, check it here:

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I use most of my time training, training other people and making videos, so sadly I don’t have much time for the blog…

My main youtube channel has more than 30k subscribers and more than 2 million views. Most of my subscribers speak Spanish, that’s why I have so many videos in Spanish. I translate most of the videos, so if you’re interested in my tutorials, please subscribe 🙂