Pistol squat – Analysis and Proper form

o Quads   0 pistol

Video here:  1305317738m

Perform the exercise in a controlled manner to avoid injuries, don’t go down too fast. Stop at the
bottom for a sec before going up.2
Don’t lean forward when you go up – you will get stronger glutes and quads this way and you’ll prevent excesive strain on the lower back and knees.  * The force of gravity acts on the body in a direction that is perpendicular to the ground – if we go up completely vertically the effect of gravity is maximum (therefore more difficult) compared to leaning forward (any exercise with more vertical component is
easier = the more you lean forward, the easier it will be).

Your knees should follow the direction of your toes – twisting of the knee could affect its medial ligaments.
Keep the knee of the non working leg locked.

For muscles worked please watch the video

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