Complete Ring Workout – Level 2

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Complete Ring Workout consisting of 34 exercises, with images and videos of each exercise, warm-up and 8 specific stretching exercises.

Once you master the basics, it’s time to get serious!

The PDF file includes:capturad3fg4-amazon1g-mini2

  • 13 Pulling exercises that focus on straight-arm strength, without forgetting bent-arm strength – in the last progressions we’ll mix both in the same exercise; this will build impressive pulling strength, apart from working intensively the abs.
  • As for pushing exercises we’ll see 6 progressions to the hardest dip variation you can train on rings: the unilateral Archer Dip
  • Plus, we will see 3 progressions to one type of push-up that works not only your chest, shoulders and triceps, but also your biceps!
  • We will also see 5 progressions to a fundamental isometric exercise on rings that will make us look like professional gymnasts: L-sit.
  • There are also 7 Bodyweight Leg Exercises




Mastering the Ring Support, Elevated Wide Push-ups and 4×6 of Widel L-Pull-ups on rings.

These new exercises will make you feel like a kid playing, and at the same time like a professional gymnast training 🙂


Get your workout plan now for only 10.99€ and take your training to the next level!



You can also get both programs for only 16.99!


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5 thoughts on “Complete Ring Workout – Level 2

  1. Oggy 14 July, 2016 / 12:51 pm

    I have been following Surpassing gravity on YT for some time and I always loved the simple but effective approach. That made my decision to buy these ebooks easy. Both of them are great choice for everyone who wants to dominate gymnastic rings in the shortest time possible!


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