TOP 8 Ring Exercises you should do!


VIDEO here:  1305317738m

The video includes: 2 types of dips, 1 type of push-ups, 2 types of pull-ups, 1 muscle-up type, 2 isometric exercises.

For much more, please check the video 🙂

1. Archer Dips
• Start from Ring Support
• Go as low as you can (train until the assisting arm is parallel to the floor at the bottom position)
• Engage your abs and glutes to tilt the pelvis to the rear (lower back will be flat = posterior pelvic tilt)
• Point your toes

2. Ring Dips
If you think dips are too easy for you is because you haven’t tried them on rings!
Unless you already master the Ring Support, the first time you get on rings you’ll shake like crazy! 🙂
And it’s normal, your stabilizer muscles will get used to it with some practice. Compared to bar dips, ring dips work your chest way more.

• Start EVERY rep from Ring Support (last exercise)
• Go as low as you can and lock your elbows at the top
• Engage your abs and glutes to tilt the pelvis to the rear (lower back will be flat)
• Point your toes (plantar flexion)


3. Crescent Push-ups
These are one of the most complete push-ups you can do on rings. Watch the video for the execution.

Ring Exercises

4. L-Pull-ups with false grip
Pull-ups are easy. Until you try them with a false grip. Here your forearm muscles are the weak link, so you’ll probably manage to do no more than half of the usual reps.
The false grip is the key to many exercises, including the Muscle-up. This exercise is very complete as it works your forearms, arms, back, iliopsoas, abs and even quadriceps.

At the top your hands should be touching your chest. Maintain a false grip at ALL times.
A typical mistake is starting the pull-up with bent elbows, they must be COMPLETELY straight – for that you need to work on straight-arm false grip hang – here is a video with some progressions.

5. L Muscle-upTutorial available in my book
The Muscle-up is one of the most complete upper body exercises, as it combinines a pull-up with a dip on gymnastic rings.
Unlike the kipping Muscle-up, the slow Muscle-up is a matter of pure strength, it’s not about learning how to build and use momentum. By doing it with the body in an L shape, it is impossible to cheat as you can’t swing to create momentum.

6. Uniarcher Chin-ups
This type of pull-up build tremendous unilateral strength.
Don’t bend the elbow of the assisting arm AT ALL – this helps strengthen the connective tissue that crosses the elbow.
For this the rings need to be quite far apart.
Don’t use momentum, try not to kipp. Switch grip between sets.

7. L-sitL-sit

L-sit is a basic ring exercise, great for strengthening your abs, iliopsoas, back muscles,
chest and even your leg muscles (especially the rectus femoris muscle).



x adu X

8. Ring Support – Tutorial here

The Ring Support is the base for many gymnastic exercises on rings, and it basically consists of holding yourself on top of the rings with straight elbows.

Many try to do ring dips without even mastering the Ring Support. As a result, they do dips with insufficient ROM and with poor technique.
If you skip progressions on rings you can get a lot of injuries, so go slowly but safely 🙂

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