BEST Strict Ring Muscle-up Tutorial

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1. The following exercises are meant to build up a strong false grip, which mainly works the wrist flexor muscles (this group of muscles is located in the forearm).

1a. How to do the false grip on rings – Place part of your hand and wrist on the ring, while grabbing the ring firmly with your fingers so you don’t lose the false grip.

1b.  Bent-arm hang with false grip
Hold this position with bent-arms and a false grip. Practice this until you can hold it for at least 5 x 20 seconds.
Engage your abs to tilt your pelvis posteriorly or keep your body in L.

1c.  Straight-arm hang with false gripagarre 2b
Hold this position with elbows completely straight; hold this position for up to
20 seconds. Practice it until you are able to do at least 5 sets. At first, holding a false grip with elbows straight will be almost impossible, but you’ll get used to it in a few days/weeks.



2. With the following exercises we will get the L-Pull-up with false grip, necessary for the Strict L-Muscle-up.

2a.  False grip ring Rows

2b. False grip Pull-upsdom

2c.  False grip L-Pull-ups 
Keep a false grip at all times.
The body will be in L, with 90º at the hip, knees straight and pointed toes.
While going up, turn your rings so they face each other.
At the bottom of the pull-up your elbows must be completely straight and at the top of the pull-up your hands should touch your chest.

This exercise is very complete as it works your forearms, arms, back, iliopsoas, abs and even quads.


3. Ring Dips – I recommend training until you are able to do 5×5 with good form and full R.O.M.

3a.  Ring dips
Lower until your shoulders touch the rings, and as you go up fully extend your elbows.
Tilt your pelvis posteriorly to avoid kipping and better stabilize the rings.
Train until you can do 5×5 in a controlled manner, if you execute them fast the rings will move a lot and that will hinder the execution.

3b.  Ring L-dips


4. The Muscle-up transition is the movement that connects the pull-up with the ring dip. The next exercises focus on getting the transition, starting with assisted transitions, then with momentum, all the way to mastering the strict/slow transition.

* When practicing the strict transition, leave several days of rest between workouts because the transition requires a lot of elbow flexion, and that puts a lot of strain on the tendons and ligaments that cross the elbow  posteriorly (triceps tendon, anconeus, posterior lateral ligaments..)


5. With the following exercises we’ll learn how to link the Pull-up with the Muscle-up transition.

5a.  Assisted Pull-up + Transition

5b.  Pull-up + Transition

5c.  L-Pull-up + Transition

6. The Muscle-up The last step is putting together the pull-up + the transition + the dip. If you’ve trained 5×5 in previous progressions , you’ll be able to do several consecutive repetitions of the full muscle-up.

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